Breaking the Resource Curse

  • Conflict Diamonds

    Read how PAC helps lead the global campaign to regulate   this extremely valuable, easily smuggled and highly conflict-prone mineral.

  • Conflict  Minerals

    Learn how PAC is working to mitigate conflict and boost economic opportunity in the natural resource sector of Africa's Great Lakes region.

  • Revenue Transparency

    Find out how PAC and its partners are tackling corruption by increasing transparency in the   extractive sector.

  • Just Gold

    Learn how PAC’s Just Gold project aims to bring legal, conflict-free, and traceable gold from artisanal mine sites to international markets.


Celebrating 30 Years of Impact: 1986-2016

Annual Report 2015 EN Cover

 This year, as we celebrate 30 Years of Impact: 1986-2016, we're excited to share with you our newest Annual Report. Through the special poster format, we spotlight how Partnership Africa Canada is breaking the link between conflict and minerals. 

Read though 30 Years 30 Milestones and see how we helped uncover one of the root causes of conflict - the mismanagement of natural resources - and how we've been at the forefront of successfully creating meaningful change.

As our Annual Report highlights, progress is possible. Don't miss out on what the next milestone will be.