Breaking the Resource Curse

  • Conflict Diamonds

    Read how PAC helps lead the global campaign to regulate   this extremely valuable, easily smuggled and highly conflict-prone mineral.

  • Conflict  Minerals

    Learn how PAC is working to mitigate conflict and boost economic opportunity in the natural resource sector of Africa's Great Lakes region.

  • Revenue Transparency

    Find out how PAC and its partners are tackling corruption by increasing transparency in the   extractive sector.

  • Diamond Watchlist

    Are all diamonds clean and "conflict free"? PAC identifies trouble-spots in the diamond supply chain.


Contraband Gold in the Great Lakes Region

Gold-Mining-DRCThis report analyzes the artisanal gold flows within and out of the Great Lakes Region with the perspective of promoting responsible supply chain management in the context of the ICGLR Regional Initiative on Natural Resources and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.

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