Conflict Diamonds

Reap What you Sow-eng-Nov2012Research Publications
PAC's research publications in the area of conflict diamonds date back to January of 2000 with The Heart of the Matter - Sierra Leone, Diamonds and Human Security. Since that time, we have released a number of highly influential reports detailing the state of diamond production in a number of countries, as well as analyses of the international efforts to ensure that diamonds are conflict free and are produced with a respect for human rights. Click here to see the full series of reports.
KPLogoDiamond Watchlist
The Diamond Watchlist was established by PAC to highlight countries of concern. These countries pose serious problems in terms of their Kimberley Process compliance, or have high incidences of violence or human rights abuses related to the production of diamonds. Go to the Diamond Watchlist here.
Policy-Brief-port image June2008Programme Publications
These include a number of reports, including annual reviews of the diamond industry in a number of countries, and the research documents which led to the establishment of the Diamond Development Initiative. Click here to view.
Other FacetsOther Facets
PAC's periodic newsletter on the international effort to end diamond-related conflict, human rights abuses and corruption around the world. Read more here.